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About us!

Yun Business Center is located on the 6th floor in the heart of Berlin’s most popular business area, offering a number of highly representative, with light flooded conference rooms and a spectacular view over the city.
The services of Yun Business Center are presented in a wide range of service packages, which all can be booked online via our booking system. The packages are designed to provide your company a great range of office management services, covering business address, telephone service, fax service, office spaces and meeting room facilities. Should you have special needs, we recommend our Platinum Package, which can be designed to fit your company’s needs perfectly. Please contact info@yun-business.com for further information.

Yun Business Center – your tailor-made business solution!



The word “Yun” in the company name is not, as it might seem, an abbreviation. It is the chinese word for “cloud”, which in a modern, technological world can refer to remote storage, networks and software. Working via “cloud”, is an effective, mobile and flexible way of working. So is Yun Business Center, and so can your company be!

Also “Yun” is the name of our charming chinese employee, Yun Zhang. Her name translates into “beautiful cloud”. You might be lucky to communicate with Yun in English, German or Chinese, or with some of our other employees, in German, Russian, Polish, Danish and English.
Just like a cloud, dynamic and flexible, the Yun Business Center will adapt to your company’s progress and growth.
You can chose the package, that fits you company’s profile at the moment, and over time make adjustments, when your company’s profile and needs change. In short: A durable business solution!

Why choose Yun Business Center?

If you are a frequent traveler.
If you for example are a consultant, a representative, an IT-provider, a coach, a start-up or a SME (small and medium-sized enterprises).
If you only are in Berlin for a couple of hours per week or month. Or only for a limited time for a specific project.
If you do not like having your business meetings in hotel lobbies or airport lounges.
If you appreciate privacy for your phone calls, meetings, computer work or just in between two meetings.