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General Terms and Conditions

Release: 21. Februar 2014

Section 1 – Verification of customer’s identity

Before entering into a business relationship with Yun Business Center GmbH the customer is obliged to submit a copy of its identity document and/or of the identity document of its authorised representative accompanied, if the customer is a registered company, by a copy of the commercial register extract. Yun Business Center GmbH is entitled to withhold its services until all of the documents are submitted.

Section 2 – Services

Yun Business Center GmbH provides the following services:
Business packages:

Blue – package
Bronze – package
Silver – package
Gold – package
Platinum – package

Section 3 – Usage

1.   The customer shall conclude a contract of use with Yun Business Center GmbH.

2.   The customer is prohibited from engaging in business activities that are in direct competition with the core business of Yun Business Center GmbH to the express exclusion of the provision to the customer of virtual office solutions and correspon­ding services.

3.   Customer’s name and address:

The customer may not in its own name or in the name of another party engage in any business activities other than previously agreed to by Yun Business Center GmbH.

4.   Use of the office address:

The customer is free to use the address of Yun Business Center GmbH as its business address. The customer may not use that address for its registered seat except if it is legally permissible to do so. Any other form of use is not allowed except with the prior written approval of Yun Business Center GmbH.

Section 4 – Terms of payment

1. Services ordered are billed on the basis of the applicable price list. Yun Business Center GmbH is free to change its prices at any time at one month’s notice. Price changes are published in writing, by e-mail or on Yun’s homepage. Fees or charges agreed for a specific package of services as part of an order are binding irrespective of the price list. Changes to charges forming part of an order need to be agreed in writing.

2. All charges are understood to be exclusive of the applicable statutory value-added tax. Any change to the applicable value-added tax rate automatically triggers a proportionate change to the agreed fees or charges without having to be specifical­ly contracted for.

3. Monthly dues and all recurrent payments required of customers are due and payable in advance.

4. Usage-based and miscellaneous extra services:

Usage-based services plus applicable taxes are retroactively billed pursuant to Yun Business Center GmbH’s varying tariffs applicable for the time being and are payable within 7 calendar days of the calendar month during which such extra services were provided.

5. Payments in advance/security deposits

Customers are required to make a payment in advance/security deposit at a rate of two times the monthly dues plus taxes/value-added tax at close of contract. Such an advance/security deposit will be retained by Yun Business Center GmbH by way of security to ensure compliance by the customer with all of its obligations. Advance payments/security deposits and all balances remaining after deducting outstanding invoice amounts or costs will be returned to the customer after all invoices or costs are paid.